Vacancy for the Post of Big Data & Cloud Dev Ops Engineer

What is Big Data Engineering and What does a Big Data Engineer do?

A Big Data Engineer is a person who is in charge of the design and development of data pipelines. Besides, they’re the ones who collect data from diverse sources and organize it into sets for analysts and data scientists to work with.

Big Data Engineers are in charge of a large number of complex datasets. The function of databases in maintaining and handling data systems and tools is becoming increasingly important as our world becomes more reliant on them.
They are also in charge of data management. This includes creating a data landscape for data scientists by utilizing accessible data and tools.

They are responsible for data integration into central analysis infrastructure and determining which technologies are suitable for this. Their knowledge is not limited to the data available in the company and its storage locations; they are also responsible for determining which technologies are suitable for this.

Understanding the technological requirements is the first step in a Data Engineer’s job. They then proceed to create and build a dependable and adaptable big data infrastructure. They are in charge of data collection, storage, processing, and analysis systems. A Big Data Engineer is regarded as the data supply’s king. They make critical data easily accessible and usable across the firm and between divisions.

What are the responsibilities of a Data Engineer?
  1. Responsible for the building, deployment, and maintenance of mission critical analytics solutions that process data quickly at big data scales.
  2. Contributes design, code, configurations, and documentation for components that manage data ingestion, real time streaming, batch processing, data extraction, transformation, and loading across multiple game franchises.
  3. Owns one or more key components of the infrastructure and works to continually improve it, identifying gaps and improving the platform’s quality, robustness, maintainability, and speed.
  4. Cross-trains other team members on technologies being developed, while also continuously learning new technologies from other team members.
  5. Interacts with engineering teams across WB and ensures that solutions meet customer requirements in terms of functionality, performance, availability, scalability, and reliability.
  6. Performs development, QA, and Dev-ops roles as needed to ensure total end to end responsibility of solutions.
  7. Works directly with business analysts and data scientists to understand and support their use cases.


What are the skills required for a Data Engineer?

Data engineer positions are in high demand, and big data engineers have considerable technical expertise and years of experience.

A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, mathematics, or another related field degree is required to work as a big data engineer. A big data engineer needs a variety of technical skills and expertise in addition to a degree to be successful in their position. So, whether it’s SQL, Python, or a number of cloud platforms, an aspiring big data engineer may succeed with the correct education.

To become a data engineer, you must learn all of the principles involved. Data engineering entails gathering, managing, and processing information.

Who is an ideal Candidate?

– Should have a strong desire to learn.
– Should be independent and self motivated.
– Should be able to handle analytical problems.
– Should be knowledge of computing concepts, CPU, Disks, Networking etc.
– Should have basic programming knowledge in anyone one of the following languages (Python, C/C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP).

What is WHN offering?

The owners of WHN have been industry experts in Big Data for over 10 years now. They have worked on various different projects across the Middle East, Europe & Northern America. After successfully establishing our self as one of Goa’s top Digital Transformation companies, we intend to dive into the world of Data Analytics, Big Data, AI, Cloud Technologies and Dev-ops.

We will be providing a rigorous 6 months Paid training and internship program to the successful candidates. These includes technologies such as Big Data ( Python, Hadoop, Spark ), Cloud Computing (Azure, AWS, GC) , Dev-ops (Kubernetes, Ansible , Terraform) , AI (Kubeflow, Jupyter, Keras, Tensorflow etc).

The training the program will be a mix of self paced guided learning and hands on lab. You will have access to information on real world projects, challenges and day to day activities.

By the end of the program, you will be considered a Big Data & Cloud Engineer and will be deployed on live projects and get a hands-on experience will real world scenarios.

The salary bracket will depend upon the performance and ability to work on project independently post Six months of paid training, Flexibility to Hybrid work.


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